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We have launched a new website.


Izumo Hinomisaki Lighthouse

Experience the tranquil sunset at Izumo's Hinomisaki Lighthouse through a stunning 360° VR photo. Immerse in vibrant hues and serene sea views.

Mt. Kiso-Komagadake

This is a 360° (VR) photo of Mt. Kisokoma. I captured the starry sky from the summit, and the Milky Way was beautifully visible.


I have developed a WordPress plugin that writes blog articles using AI.

I recently developed and launched a WordPress plugin named AI WriteUp, which uses artificial intelligence to h […]

【WARIGO】Recipe Creation Website

I have launched a website where simply inputting ingredients allows AI to generate recipes. Furthermore, searc […]

Chat with AI on LINE

I have developed a service that enables chatting with AI via the LINE app. This service not only handles text […]